Mysterium Thematic Music


This is some background music I recorded for a how to play video on my YouTube channel. I find that music in the background while playing this game makes for an incredibly thematic experience and creates an engaging atmosphere. You can download and use the music freely. You don’t have to credit me if you use it in a video but if you do that would be very nice! I’m hoping to upload this file on the Mysterium BoardGameGeek page as well. If you can’t download the audio in this article I’ve included a link to my DropBox account so you can. I hope you enjoy and create many fun spooky memories with family and friends. Until next time I’ll see you at the table!


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6 responses to “Mysterium Thematic Music”

  1. This is so good! I’m 13 minutes in (not playing, just at work listening) and can’t stop. It actually kinda hurts because it’s reminding me of a friend no longer with us. If you make another song that’s half as good as this is for another game, please let the world know (and possibly email me)!

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  2. I agree, this is great. What were your inspirations? Did you ever play the 7th guest or the 11th hour before? It reminds me a little of those old pc games

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    • I didn’t get to play those because I didn’t get a solid gaming computer until 2008 and at that point played lots and lots (and lots) of World of Warcraft. I need to check them out though I see they’re on Steam! I don’t know what my inspirations were honestly I was trying to create something that matched the emotion of the theme if that makes sense? I don’t know the game really inspired me and I wanted to make something as cool as the story.


      • This song from the 7th guest kind of reminds me of your composition (kind of). If you’re not in your 30s like me I wouldn’t recommend getting that game. Great for the time but pretty outdated now. Loved the atmosphere of it though

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