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At The Dicey Review we have been scripting, filming and editing videos for years for game companies around the world. We can also offer those services for your game for competitive prices depending on what you want to have done and our current workload. We have typically done how to play videos but have also provided preview videos for Kickstarter projects or prototype pitches, and have done review content as well. We will never charge for a review, but for preview style videos and how to plays please see our rates below:

Price for any video service: $100 for 5 minutes or less, then $50 for every 5 minute mark after that. This is edited content not raw footage. So for instance a 10 minute video or less is $150, a 15 minute video or less would be $200 etc.

For how to play videos you will receive a detailed and professional video that you can tailor to your needs. We will discuss with you the expected timeline of the video being released and provide a date based on the difficulty of the game to explain and our current workload. We can try to communicate a certain message for you, be very concise and straight to the point or provide a more detailed approach with practical examples to really make sure that players understand. With this service you will also have 100% final say on if you are happy with the video. For paid content we make sure that companies watch the final draft of the video to make sure they are happy with the feel and tone, as well as the accuracy of the explanation. Once we receive the green light that the video is good we release the video on our YouTube channel. We are also happy to provide the video file to you for your marketing purposes.

Game preview videos are meant to be a commercial for the game of sorts. We will give players a feel for how the game plays and highlight the exciting aspects of game play. This type of video is meant to highlight the beauty of the art and components and make the game look as appealing as possible to a prospective gamer. These videos are typically shorter and because of that the rates are less for this type of content. Below I will link a few examples of our work.

For video reviews we don’t charge, we just ask to look the rules over first to make sure that it’s something that would be interesting to us and our audience and will provide an in depth review with lots of examples of the game set up on the table and possibly being played as well along with our honest thoughts. Our ability to review games is once again dependent on our current schedule and video backlog.

If you are interested in having videos like this produced please contact and we can discuss setting up a project and expected timelines etc.

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