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  • Nusfjord – Elders and Stocks

    Nusfjord – Elders and Stocks

    Imagine with me for a moment staring out over a bay. The breeze is biting and crisp as you watch the sunrise over the mountains that flank the water on both sides. The waves lap against the dock in rhythm like a brittle heartbeat. As you pull your coat up against the salty air you […]

  • Gaming Family

    Gaming Family

    If you’ve read Harper Lee’s famous novel, “To Kill a Mockingbird” you may be familiar with the saying “you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family”. Clever writing in literature or a memorable quote from films you love can influence you in strange ways or cause you to think about the world […]

  • Our Trip to Origins 2019

    Our Trip to Origins 2019

    The great American road trip is a thing of legend. America is a land of possibility in so many ways and one of the greatest unknown possibilities is the open road. Few countries have as much space to explore as the US and over the last few years I’ve slowly developed a deep desire to […]

  • New Directions

    New Directions

    Hello friends! It’s been a little while hasn’t it? The last time I posted an article was almost a year ago. There are lots of reasons that my focus has shifted away from written articles and heading up podcast planning. Over the past year the amount of how to play work and requested video content […]

  • A Day At the Park…and Then a Game!

    A Day At the Park…and Then a Game!
  • Tavern of Heroes: “House of Unending Shadow”

    Tavern of Heroes: “House of Unending Shadow”

    Growing up I spent countless hours exploring outside. I was raised in a time when going outside was still something kids did. We built forts or played with army men, tramped through the woods and fished or rode bikes. We made clubs where only our friends were allowed (no one wanted to be in our […]

  • A New Year and A Giveaway

    A New Year and A Giveaway

    Hello Friends, Well it’s been a hot minute no? A hot minute since I’ve written and there are all sorts of viable excuses for that but really it all just boils down to I (and the collective Dicey Review Crew) have been very busy for many reasons. I’ve been very active on the YouTube side […]

  • Moving and Shaking

    Moving and Shaking

    There has been a lot going on at The Dicey Review lately, and we wanted to take a moment and share with you guys some of the things we are working on, and touch base with all of you about how things are shaping up. Don’t worry, this will be a quick update, and we […]

  • Scythe: Elegant Depth

    Scythe: Elegant Depth

    I have a copy of Scythe on pre-order, but I probably won’t be getting it until October. When my friend Guy told me that his Kickstarter deluxe edition had showed up, I couldn’t over there fast enough to play it. Both because I love hanging out with Guy and his wife April, and because Scythe! […]

  • Why I Play Pokemon Go

    Why I Play Pokemon Go

    Originally posted on Daily Walking:
    I am not a millennial, to say the least, nor am I in the other age group that loves Pokemon Go (children). My 57th birthday is this October, and I’ve never really gamed before, so if you’re wondering why I play the new game that’s taking over the world, this…