How About A Giveaway?

Recently I was looking through my collection and realizing that I am running short on space and will need to pare down a bit. I always knew the day would come when I would be required to get rid of some of the board games I love and cherish so much and today is finally that day. When trying to decide what to do with the games I thought I might sell some and I will probably still do that. I wanted to give one of them away first. I want someone to get a chance to love them like I have. All of my games are in like new condition and will arrive that way as well. Any organizers I might have potentially used will be included. There are a couple of caveats to this contest. It will have a time limit (which if no one spreads the word your chances of winning will be very good…we don’t have a ton of followers) and second since I will pay for shipping I have to keep this within the United States. I feel terrible because I absolutely love seeing on our statistics that we have some global readers but I just can’t afford pay for overseas shipping. I’m so sorry! The contest will end on the 20th of March. This means that any email or retweet that happens before 12:00 am on the 21st will be counted!

What Are You Giving Away?

So now that the preamble is done, what’s up for grabs?! Well you have a choice. There were a few games that I was okay getting rid of. I’m not getting rid of these games because they are bad games, quite the opposite they’re all very good games. They just don’t hit the table for me because of my current gaming situation. So that being said you can pick from the following titles: Dungeons and Dragons: Wrath of Ashardalon, Dungeons and Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt, Pandemic: The Cure, Samurai Spirit, Carcassonne: Gold Rush, or Carcassonne: South Seas.

After I select the winner I will contact you and find out which game you want. These are all fantastic games and ones that your game group or family would thoroughly enjoy. So good luck!

How Do I Enter?

The easiest way to enter this giveaway if you’re a Twitter user is to find my twitter: thediceyreview1. I will send out a tweet saying “retweet this to enter”, you can also email me at and just tell me you want to enter. It’s as simple as that. This is the easiest way I can think of to gather the entries. Anyone who retweets that post or emails me and says something about the contest will be entered. I will use either to pick or literally draw the name from a hat and contact you on Twitter or through email to get your address for shipping and which game you want. It’s not required that you follow me on twitter to enter or follow the blog but if you find the blog interesting and want to keep up to date on our reviews, how to plays, and coming podcast we would love to have your patronage! Thanks so much and until next time I’ll see you at the table!


P.S. These are used copies of these board games. They are all in fantastic shape and are organized but please know that!


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