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  • Altiplano – The Sequel Effect

    Altiplano – The Sequel Effect

    Have you ever been exposed to the sequel effect? If you’re anything like me you love trilogies and continued stories. Growing up I was always excited to hear about the next Star Wars or Lord of the Rings movie to come out, or maybe the next Harry Potter book to be released. What seemed to […]

  • The Castles of Burgundy: A Walkthrough Review

    The Castles of Burgundy: A Walkthrough Review

    Hello Dear Reader, I know it’s been a little while since I’ve written an article and I apologize! I’ve moved houses and this has created a number of problems for my gaming. Namely, I had the large majority of my collection in storage. I did manage to select a few games to keep in the […]

  • Broom Service: A Walkthrough Review!

    Broom Service: A Walkthrough Review!

    Hello, dear reader and good morning/afternoon/evening! (To be fair I don’t know when you will be reading this, I have to cover my bases wouldn’t you agree?) If you’re anything like me you love a good mythical theme involving magic. If you add one that’s whimsical and fun on top of that with mechanics that […]

  • Le Havre: A Walkthrough Review

    Le Havre: A Walkthrough Review

    Hello Dear Reader, I hope today finds you well. I’m writing this to you from the comfort of my cubicle in sunny north Texas where outside it is currently a balmy 73 degrees Fahrenheit. As I wind down near the end of my work day I find my mind drifting as it often does to […]

  • Agricola: A Walkthrough Review!

    Agricola: A Walkthrough Review!

    When I was younger I loved to draw in coloring books. There was something so satisfying about slowly bringing a picture to life and filling a space with color. Early on there was just one thing that gave me trouble in this venture; staying in the lines. I would spend so much time trying to […]

  • Cottage Garden: A Walkthrough Review

    Cottage Garden: A Walkthrough Review

    Hello friends! I’m glad to be writing to you again today because let’s face it, I need to talk about some board games. What’s on the docket today? A game that I was lucky enough to pick up at BGG Con by the name of Cottage Garden. Now if you haven’t heard so much about […]

  • Via Nebula: A Walkthrough Review

    Via Nebula: A Walkthrough Review

    Hello Reader! You’re looking fairly dapper today. If I do say so myself one could say you even look dashing. Now I know we could sit here and exchange pleasantries all day long but there are much more important things to discuss. I want to discuss the topic that’s really on your mind: board games. […]

  • Great Western Trail: A “Walkthrough Review”

    Great Western Trail: A “Walkthrough Review”

    I know what you’re thinking, you sitting in your cubicle reading about board games because your planned profession of “YouTube board game personality/podcast mogul” didn’t work out and you had to get a day job. I understand dear reader, as I’m faced with this reality as well. Just because you can’t work in the tabletop […]

  • At the Gates of Loyang: A “Walkthrough Review”

    At the Gates of Loyang: A “Walkthrough Review”

    Hello Dear Reader! I hope today finds you well and that you are excited to hear about a new (well actually an old) boardgame! Today I want to discuss At the Gates of Loyang by Tasty Minstrel Games, designed by Uwe Rosenberg. If you’re anything like me you may have experienced a situation like this […]

  • Terraforming Mars: One Giant Leap for Stronghold and Fryx

    Terraforming Mars: One Giant Leap for Stronghold and Fryx

    If you have been paying attention to the news in the past few years you may have seen some headlines about space exploration and in particular some information about the unmanned expeditions to Mars. Currently the vehicle providing the photographic and scientific headlines is a small cruiser called the Curiosity Rover. The Curiosity Rover is […]