A Day At the Park…and Then a Game!


2 responses to “A Day At the Park…and Then a Game!”

  1. Lovely video of you with your wife and daughter walking through the nature trail. It was a “good” trail review. LOL

    The game you played looked difficult, based on the board and the blandness of the board (not a very exciting looking game is what I mean but the looks of a game can be deceiving as many turn out to be quite fun and interesting) . So did your wife end up enjoying the game as much as you did even though she lost?

    I’m off to have Pancake Sunday pancakes with the fam. Chocolate chip pancakes to be exact. Won’t have them any other way!

    Thanks for the lovely video.


    • Yes I was especially pleased with that review…quick and to the point. It’s a meatier game for sure but that’s my sweet spot when I can make them happen. Medium to medium heavy euros. I’m a spreadsheet player at heart unfortunately. She did enjoy it but due to its weight and play time we haven’t played it a ton since. We play lighter games or shorter games that can be knocked out in an hour or less these days typically. I do play some over lunch now with a friend or at periodic game nights.

      Good…as far as I’m concerned chocolate chip is by far the best way to have them.


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