Moving and Shaking

There has been a lot going on at The Dicey Review lately, and we wanted to take a moment and share with you guys some of the things we are working on, and touch base with all of you about how things are shaping up. Don’t worry, this will be a quick update, and we will get back to the games!

If you follow us on YouTube, (If you don’t check out the channel for more walk-throughs and reviews!)  you’ve probably noticed some changes with what we have been doing lately.  Also, if you watch the channel, you’ve probably seen the video that has most of this information, but we are going to include some behind the scenes photos at the end if you want to see those! One of the things that we have really been striving for, is an improvement in quality. So through some partnerships that we have, we were able to secure a space that gave us access to near production-quality equipment, including microphones, cameras, recording equipment, lighting, and editing software. We were really pleased with the results, and we were sure everyone else would be as well.

Needless to say, we were a bit confused when we started getting some feedback that people weren’t really liking the new format. After carefully considering all of the feedback, we realized where we had gone wrong. In our excitement to use all of the new things we had access to, we forgot one really important aspect of what brought all of you to The Dicey Review for video content in the first place; us making sure the games are the star of the show.

All of us here at The Dicey Review are passionate and excited about games and gaming, and we want to share that passion with all of you! But we realize, particularly with some of the most popular video content we have created, namely walk-through and how to play videos, that we need to work our hardest to make sure that you can see what we are talking about first and foremost.

With that in mind, we’ve changed it up, and we are doing videos a little differently now and so far we think that it is really going to be a lot better. We still have improvements to make, and we really love to hear all of your thoughts on how we can be better, but we think that we are getting there.

One thing that we have heard from you as well, is that you’d like to see more of the review side of things. We would love to share our opinions with you! We have some more of the review aspect of things here on the website and in our podcast, but we know that some people really like to watch videos.

One aspect of that we would really like to address is that we have an agreement of sorts with Mr. Stephen Buonocore at Stronghold Games to make how to play videos for his games in return for a little bit of exposure. If you follow Mr. Buonocore on Twitter, you might have noticed some of his tweets about our recent videos. That being said, we probably won’t be giving reviews on the Stronghold Games videos, but we will talk about them in articles and on the podcast if we get a chance to play them enough. In some of our other videos, we would love to start sharing our thoughts with you.

At The Dicey Review, we really strive to make content that you find valuable and entertaining. We also want to make content we are proud of. We will continue striving to do that, and we will be listening to all of your feedback. Let us know what you think! We look forward to trying to get a lot more content out there for you to enjoy.

If you want a brief look into how we make our videos, We have a couple of pictures  of the new set-up:


Thanks so much for reading, and we will see you at the table!



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