Hello fellow gamer! My name is Paul and I am in love with all things gaming, particularly tabletop games. This website is dedicated to board games, card games, adventures, stories and the creative process. I will post reviews, instructional videos, ranked lists, updates on games I may be working on with friends, opinions and more. We have also released a podcast that discusses our stories from around the table and our thoughts about games called The Dicey Review Podcast, make sure to give it a listen wherever you get your podcasts!

The goal of this blog is to get people to the table. Tabletop and board games have an incredible ability to get people to look at each other, to interact, to talk and joke and develop social skills that are not nurtured by watching a screen. I’ve heard board games described as a social lubricant, a way for people to overcome social anxiety and interact while trying to achieve a common goal or trying to out think an opponent.

I know that for me tabletop games are a way for my wife and I to connect and have a fun evening when we can’t get out of the house. My mom and dad and my mother and father in law enjoy playing with us as well. I can’t get this experience from the latest Xbox shooter and that’s why I feel that it’s important to support this hobby. I want fathers to connect with daughters and mothers to connect with sons. I want families to create traditions and friends to be made around a map of a star field or the ocean. This is my goal and why I am so passionate about bringing people into this amazing hobby.

I hope you enjoy and are entertained by the discussions.


11 responses to “About”

  1. We have a group of guys that play at least once a month in Denton. You should check out Power Grid, 7 Wonders, and Dominion. All good games.

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    1. That’s awesome! I have 7 Wonders that game is great. I haven’t played Power Grid or Dominion but both have been recommended by a few people. Power grid in particular interests me, I’m a fan of the designer.


    2. David Marchbanks Avatar
      David Marchbanks

      Did you grow up in Ennis? Or is this a different Jason Blazek…


  2. LOVE your articles!! REALLY hoping to see more regular posts! Also i’m DYING to see your review of Tyrants of the Underdark !


    1. Thanks so much for the kind words! I’m hoping to be more regular with my articles. Life and baby can make it difficult. I have more prepared and am excited to review Tyrants of the Underdark!


    2. Thanks so much! I’m wanting to review that one soon. I want to address some of the complaints people have about the game.


  3. Looks like I found the right place. Enjoying the information so far. Looking forward to a potential game day soon.

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    1. Yes! March is when it will happen. I’m excited!


  4. Coline Ducourtieux Avatar
    Coline Ducourtieux

    Hello Paul! My name is Coline and I work for a boardgame editor. We will soon be releasing an application based on one of our best selling game, and we would like to share the news with you. Could you tell me how to contact you directly?

    Thank you in advance!

    P.S: added your blog to my favourites 😉

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    1. Hello Coline,

      Thanks! We can be reached at thediceyreview@gmail.com.



    2. Hello Coline,

      I’m so bad at managing my website (as you can tell from this response). I just noticed this comment in my pending approvals. If you are still working for the boardgame editor 🙂 and would like to contact me anytime I can be reached at thediceyreview@gmail.com.



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